Los Sauces Foundation

Los Sauces Educational Institution established a non-profit foundation in 2009. The     Foundation was created with the purpose of sponsorship in cases of pupils in  need from Colegio Los Sauces.The focus of  the Foundation currently are:

- Provision of financial support for the health, social and educational assistance to pupils of Los Sauces Institution who have suffered an accident or illness resulting in a degree of physical or mental handicap.

- Awarding scholarships to Los Sauces Institution pupils in the case of death of one of their parents, legal guardian or immediate family member with whom they live and on whom they are dependent.

The beneficiaries of the Foundation are the pupils from Los Sauces Institution, and its scope is nationwide given that  the four Los Sauces schools  in Spain are in La Moraleja, Pontevedra, Vigo and Torrelodones. Donor families can benefit from tax deductions  in accordance with  Law 2049/2002 of 23rd  of December for non profit and patronage entities .  Los Sauces   Foundation is supported by funds from:

- Financial, material and logistical contributions from each of the Los Sauces Schools.

- Financial contributions from families.

- Other contributions in account 2038-2831-68- 6000147923

- Christmas lottery sales.

The economic contributions from families are estimated at €20 per quarter for each family, or €80 per year in a single payment. If you want to increase the amount of your contributions, please contact  the school office. These contributions are voluntary.

Tax deductions are extended to companies and private organisations.

To contact the Foundation, please send an email  to

We would like to thank you for your cooperation in advance, in the knowledge that this worthwhile project will be as rewarding for you as for us.

LOS SAUCES FOUNDATION . Incorporated in 29/09/2009, public deed number 2817 before the  Madrid Lawyer  D. Jose Luis Martinez-Gil Vich.  Registered in the Register of Foundations Department by Ministerial Order No. 1183 in 13/11/2009 BOE (Official State Bulletin) December 16th, 2009


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