Colegio privado Los Sauces Torrelodones

Torrelodones activities

Cultural excursions

Throughout the school year and in order to complement the educational programmes, every class goes on different cultural visits to museums, factories, theatre…

Real life experiences and frequent outings allow pupils to assimilate classroom lessons.

Our pupils come into contact with the cultural and organisational  life of their environment, their history and traditions, as well as other aspects of nature, art, society and technologies.


Escalada en La Pedriza

15 de Julio de 2019

Rocódromo y tirolina

11 de Julio de 2019

Un planeta sostenible

10 de Julio de 2019

Surfeando el Atlántico

9 de Julio de 2019

Salida en kayak

4 de Julio de 2019