Colegio privado Los Sauces Torrelodones

Torrelodones Educational Model

Philosophical principles

The Centre’s guidelines are based on a double anthropological concept of the human being.

A human being as an “individual”

A human being as a “social being”

As an individual, every child is a small microcosm, with acquired and differential genetic traits that make them different from all the others. Through personalised education, these personal traits need to be drawn out and nurtured, as they are from the outset the first indication of their individuality and uniqueness.

Every person, and therefore every child, needs to succeed in something ,to feel appreciated. If this is not achieved in the classroom, the Centre has to offer, in addition to the traditional school activities, other areas of expression, artistic, sports, cultural, where they “can find themselves”and  stand out from the others. In this way:

1st The child’s personality is consolidated.

2nd School failure is eliminated.

3rd Fostering these pastimes, hobbies, will prevent the poor use of  leisure, boredom and therefore the dangers we are all aware of.

As a “social being” children are born into a specific society. All school life, with its rules for coexistence, has to be practice for their insertion in society. The School, as a true reflection of that society, has to be a place of work and entertainment at the same time. Of hard, and sometimes dull,  but necessary work. And therefore, with the satisfaction of a job well done, they can devote themselves to their hobbies and favourite pastimes that make them feel fulfilled.



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