Colegio privado Los Sauces Torrelodones

Torrelodones languages


Our English language teaching method is characterised by:

Emphasising oral communication in English through the interaction of pupils with their own daily reality.

Using real life texts in a learning context.

Giving pupils opportunities to think about the learning process and not only the language.

Integrating pupils personal experiences as elements that contribute to meaningful learning in the classroom.

Connecting the language learnt in the classroom with activities outside of it.

These five characteristics lay the foundation for the communicative teaching method by which our pupils reach a high level of performance in their communicative competence, demonstrated not only in English speaking contexts but also in the different British examinations( Cambridge University, Trinity College) which they take from 2nd Primary  up to 2nd Bachillerato.

Language learning starts when they are 3 years old. From 1st  Pre School up to 2nd  Primary , half of the day is taught through English and the other half through Spanish. In the 2nd and 3rd cycle of Primary  almost 30% of the school hours is dedicated to  teaching  English language. In Secondary , in addition to daily classes there are two weekly conversation sessions.


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