For English, French and German. The language policy of the Council of Europe establishes the following levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 to unify guidelines for the learning and teaching of languages ​​in the European context. It provides a common base for the     development of language programmes, curriculum guidelines, examinations and textbooks throughout Europe. It also promotes transparency of courses, programmes and              qualifications.

Block A: Basic User

– A1: Beginner

– A2: Elementary

Block B: Independent User

– B1: Pre-intermediate

– B2: Intermediate

Block C: Proficient User

– C1: Advanced

– C2: Proficiency

Starting from this basic framework, here we  outline our programme of external examinations.  The  School’s Department of Foreign Languages will present pupils ​ to the different levels and grades based on the objective assessment that the department itself establishes once the individual language skills of each pupil are analysed, and not only in  relation to the school year in which they are registered. Therefore, a pupil may enroll in a higher or lower level or grade to that which theoretically corresponds to his/her course, according to the individual assessment that the department issued in each case:

Here we outline a table in which, according to level, we can see the planning of external exams in relation to our language teaching  programme in  Colegio Los Sauces.


Our teaching English method is communicative, giving priority to oral communication.    Classes are taught by bilingual teachers specialised in teaching foreign languages ​​and   supported by native speaker teachers in  conversation classes. The objective is to prepare our pupils to successfully  develop fluency  in English-speaking contexts completing their  studies at the school with   Advanced C1 level from  the University of Cambridge and C2 Proficiency from Trinity College London.

Contact with the language begins when they are 2 years old, and daily classes when they are three. They have a half-day programme in English and Spanish for 4 school years (from 4 years old to 2nd  Primary).They can take the University of Cambridge Young Learners exams: Starters at the end of the cycle.

In third class  Primary  they  prepare to begin  Trinity College oral exams, which they will continue year after year until reaching 2nd  Bachillerato and the final level, 12.

In the second and third cycle of Primary, daily classes are supplemented with 2 weekly    conversation sessions. At the end of 4th  and 6th Primary they  can take Cambridge Young Learners: Movers and Flyers examinations respectively.

In order to put into context the language acquired during these years, in 5th, 6th Primary,1st and 2nd Secondary our pupils will spend one month of the school year (June) at our school in Dublin, staying with Irish families. It is an intensive course taught by native speaker teachers. When they are in Secondary school they can continue to come to Ireland in July.

In Secondary school they are prepared for the University of Cambridge Pet exam (level B1) in 2nd and 3rd of ESO ( Compulsory Secondary Education),  First Certificate in 4th Eso and 1st  Bachillerato (B2 level) completing their education  with the  Advanced level C1 test in 2nd  Bachillerato.



        A1          A2        B1          B2          C1         C2


Trinity Oral English Second cycle de Primary;   MOVERS 4 Primary Trinity Oral English 4, 5 de Primary   FLYERS 6 Primary Trinity Oral English 5, 6 Primary     PET 2 and 3 ESO Trinity Oral English  1,2, 3  ESO   FIRST CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH

4 ESO y 1st Bachillerato

Trinity Oral English 4 ESO, 1st de Bachillerato     CAE Bachillerato Trinity Oral English 1 y 2  Bachillerato


    • Second Primary- Starters
    • 4th Primary —-Movers–A1
    • Sixth Primary——Flyers–A2
    •  Second and Third  de la ESO–PET—B1
    • Fourth y 1st Bachillerato— FIRST CERTIFICATE–B2


  • Third and Fourth  Primary -levels 1,2 and 3

    Fifth  Primary  -levels 4 and 5

    Sixth Primary -levels 5 and 6

    1st and 2nd ESO-levels 7 and 8

    3rd and 4th ESO-levels 9 and 10

    1st-2nd Bachillerato levels 11 and 12

DUBLIN PROGRAMME The trip to Ireland is a novel and  attractive aspect of our English programme. It is an unique language immersion course for students in 5th and 6th Primary  and 1st and 2nd  Year Secondary  in our centre “Brook House” in Bray (Dublin). Our pupils stay with Irish families and are grouped in small numbers for classes. During their stay they go on  cultural visits and familiarise themselves with the culture of the country, putting into practice the knowledge acquired.

EXTRACURRICULAR conversation classes

These classes to prepare the CAE and other reinforcement classes or advancement of   language classes for Pre-school, Primary and Secondary pupils are taught by native   speaker teachers.


The first contact with the chosen subject, French or German, begins in 5th Primary. Classes are taught in the foreign language and, as in English, using a communicative approach, making the   pupils participants in their own learning. Pupils studying German and French in Secondary  and Bachillerato can take official external examinations:

– German – Start Deutsch (German) A1 and A2 for 3rd, 4th ESO and Bachillerato

– French – DELF A1, A2, B1 (French) for 3rd, 4th ESO and Bachillerato

– Chinese. Confucius Institute exams through Sinoescola according to their level (only for co-curricular classes).