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Los Sauces School


Los Sauces Vigo es un excelente colegio bilingüe que se encuentra ubicado en el Ayuntamiento de Mos y junto a la Ciudad Universitaria de Vigo (CUVI). El Colegio, que cuenta con el prestigio y reconocimiento de toda la provincia, ha sido cantera de muchos alumnos con importantes reconocimientos académicos, se imparte enseñanza bilingüe desde el segundo ciclo de Educación Infantil, Educación Primaria, Educación Secundaria y Bachillerato.
As Pereiras –Pardellas Cela 36419 Mos, Vigo (Pontevedra)
Our educational strengths
Our commitment to students and their families is to offer comprehensive training, beyond the academic plan, helping them to recognize their strengths in themselves and teaching them to manage the challenges of the future. For this we work from the illusion, promoting the culture of work, promoting the mastery of languages and instilling an education in values that contributes to both their human and professional development.

Language, a priority in Los Sauces

Our educational program is bilingual, Spanish and English, and we have native English language teachers. From 4th Primary on, pupils can choose either French or German as a second foreign language and Chinese as an extracurricular activity.
Dublin Programme
Dublin Programme
Pupils in 5th and 6th Primary, and 1st and 2nd Secondary spend one month of the school year in our Bray Centre (Dublin), Brook House Los Sauces, using English as the sole language for learning with the Centre’s native speaker teachers.
American High School
American High School
For a number of years now we have been offering the American High School Diploma in all our schools as a means to contributing to educational excellence.

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Susana Cancho
We are delighted with the Los Sauces school. In addition to purely academic education, the priority they give to education in values is very important to us, fostering cooperation between students from different courses (the older ones help the younger ones), collaboration with organizations such as Banco de Alimentos or Fundación Vicente Ferrer and implementing the KIVA anti-bullying program. We also highly value the effort of the school to facilitate family reconciliation, with all the facilities to contact teachers and address outside school hours, stays on non-school days or summer camps.
Susana Cancho
Mother, Los Sauces La Moraleja
Maite Calafell González
There are several reasons why we bet on Los Sauces, but I would summarize them in: a magnificent work of the teachers treating each student in a very personal way. A very high level of English with preparation for external exams from a very early age, trips to Ireland and exchange with the United States and a great interest on the part of the management in offering us the best for our children and always being at the forefront of educational plans.
Maite Calafell González
Mother, Los Sauces Pontevedra