Brook House cross country race

Dublín 9 marzo 2016

On Thursday March 3rd and Monday March 7th, the students of 5th and 6th class took place in the first ever Brook House cross country race.  The students were very excited and those not participating were very enthusiastic to mark out the area, help with preparations and support the runners. In the 5th class girls race it was runaway winner Lucía Hernández who stole the show and first place. The 5th class boys race was far closer. Pedro Suso came out on top with an excellent run. Then came the 6th class students. Almudena Arelleno ran with her coat on as it was so cold. It didn’t slow her down as she finished 20 metres ahead of the chasing pack. The closest race was the boy’s race, which was won by Jaime Jimenez after a brilliant final sprint by all the boys and a photo finish. Well done to every single student who took part. You are all superstars. Congratulations to the four winners on this the inaugural race.